Lost City tour – Santa Marta

Lost City tour – Tour Ciudad perdida

Visit and explore the most famous archeological and cultural place in Colombia build by indigenous in the north of our country.

The outstanding point of our tour is that it is operated by 100% native indiginous (Wayuu) who are the right guides with the inherited knowledge which offer you a local view of this beautiful attraction in the mountainous area of the north of Colombia, considerated like a gorgeous sacred place to recharge the energy of the body and as a spiritual and astronomical place for the indigenous

All our tours are all included starting from Santa Marta, Rodadero or Taganga.

We offer three types of tours with different duration to the Lost City, please chose your tour that fits better for you.

  1. Lost city tour (6 DAYS)
  2. Lost city Tour (5 DAYS)
  3. Lost City tour (4 DAYS)
Lost City tour – Santa Marta
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