To guarantee the reservation of the tourist service must be paid in advance a minimum of 20% of the total value of the tour and the balance amount can be paid in cash at the beginning of the tour. And in case of cancellation the previous 20% value can not be returned regardless of the date which the cancellation is confirmed.

 If the tour is private for a group, the quoted value corresponds to a certain number of people and their value may vary according to the number of people. For that reason it is advised the client makes the reservation when have absolute security of the number of people who will take the service because if the number of people to book is different is reconsidering the customer a new price under new number.

 If the customer wishes to reserve a tourist service with certain number of people, this reserve should be confirmed with an advance payment as cited above.

 If the customer after paying 100% of the tour want or need to cancel the reservation we will refund 20% of the total value of the tour. This will not apply for cancellations confirmed 72 hours (3 days) before or prior to the operation and development of tour.

 If the customer who booked a tourist service have made it for one group and one member of it confirms the cancellation of the tour with a previous time of 1 month and 25 days or more, we will understand that the operation of tour and your reservation will be for a smaller group than booked before. For that reason the group and its members, Bogotravel tours will quote the customer the same booked service, but with different price for the new number of people to book, taking the deposited amount of the customer who canceled as part of the payment of the reservation of the group and the rest of its members.

When the customer book any service or tour with us, the client compliance, understands and agrees the policies terms and conditions of Bogotravel tours.

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