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Calle 16 # 2-52


10:30 AM

2:00 PM













Cll. 16 # 2-52

10:30 AM

2:00 PM


Bogota Bike Tours and Rentals

We offer the Best Bogota Bike tours GUARANTEED. Our Bogota Bike Tour is a great, fun and easy way to enjoy the capital of Colombia and explore the real city. Bogota bike tours Bogota bike rentals Bogota bike tour

Excellent service – Local guides – Friendly staff

Our Bogota Bike tours are guided by LOCAL bilingual tour guides. It take you to the best places to visit as well as Bogota best secrets and less tourist attractions (Mix). Our local professional guides will bring you through Bogota historical places, museums, political and administrative center and places where tourist never go. But the guide will share with you real experiences lived during the armed conflict of Colombia.

Also you will learn the security evolution made since Pablo Escobar´s time, the guide will tell you the political and social development. Also enjoy and taste our passion fruits, look and enjoy the real Bogota street art (Bike tour of graffitis in Bogota), visit traditional coffee factories, and places that the books, Google or Wikipedia never shows.

$40.000 COP
USD $20


From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday to Saturday)
From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Sundays & Holidays)

Places you can visit on our bike tours:

Historical and Colonial areas. (La Candelaria-Teusaquillo)
 Biggest Political administrative center in Colombia.
 Amazing local Fruit Markets
 Bogota best street art and graffitis galleries.
 City parks
 Coffee factories
 Local markets

Learn in our Bogota bike tours about:

 Recent colombian history and its secrets discovered recently.
 Armed conflict in Colombia – Pablo Escobar (Drug dealer) war – Real social situation.
 Fake stigma of the Drug business.
 Colombian musical culture.
 Typical – Traditional food and fruits.
 Real social situation.
 Bogota´s best street art and Graffiti history.
 Colombian coffee.

Bike tours includes:

 Great Bikes with Shimano gears.
 Amazing experiences
 Photos taken in the tour for free.
 Gastronomy experience
 English speaking Tour Guide
 Equipment (Helmet, safe bands for the legs, padlock, raincoat jacket)

icono-transporteTransporation service from / to all Hotels of Bogotá is:
$75.000 COP / USD $35. From 1 to 4 people.

Bogota Bike Rentals

Explore Bogota at your own pace with our Bike hires. Good Bicycles, helmet and the rest of equipment are provided with the rental bike. 

Rent your bike every sundays and holidays in the north side of Bogotá. We are located at the Hilton Hotel on (Carrera Septima 7 No 72- 41). See you there to
9:00 a.m – 2:30 p.m.

Rent a bike at the agency “Bogotravel tours”
(Calle 16#2-52, La Candelaria)

Type of bicycle Cost for 4 hours Cost for 8 hours / All Day Rent includes
Simple Bike with gear. $30.000 Cop /Us $11 $50.000 Cop /Us $18 Simple helmet + Padlock + Footreflective bands.
Standard urban Bike with gear. $30.000 Cop /Us $11 $50.000 Cop /Us $18 Adjustable helmet + Padlock + Footreflective bands.
Mountain Bike (Medium level), cruiser bike with gears or Folding bikes without gears. $35.000 Cop /Us $13 $60.000 Cop /Us $22 Adjustable helmet + Padlock + Footreflective bands.
Great Mountain Bike or Folding bikes with gear. $40.000 Cop /Us $15 $80.000 Cop /Us $28 Adjustable helmet + Padlock + Footreflective bands + Water bottle.
Semi urban bike with gears + suspension + Baby sit. $45.000 Cop/Us $16 $70.000 Cop/Us $25 Adjustable helmet + Baby sit + Baby helmet + Padlock + Foot reflective bands.
Tandem bike with gear $70.000 Cop/Us $25 $120.000 Cop/Us $42 2 Adjustable helmets + 2 sit with suspension + Padlock.

Bike rental price in the north of Bogotá  (Every Sundays & Holidays).
Just in front of the Hilton hotel  (Cra 7 # 72-41)

Type of bicycle Cost for hour Cost for 4 hour Rent include
Mountain Bikes with gears (with suspension)
Great cruiser bikes with Shimano gears. $15.000 Cop / Us $14 $60.000 Cop / Us $28 Adjustable helmet + Padlock.
Folding bikes with gears.